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""Viga" workshop ~ imaging services for profressional creatives and photographers

we are specializing in high-end visual production for advertising campaign, print, billboard, web and etc. 

We do retouching, rendering, ..... anything which able to achieve clients' imaginations.

Details is what we always concern.

Image viga workshop was founded by Fred Lam. 

Fred is a digital artist based in Hong Kong and he has more than 15 year experience in the post-production of photography and visual development. 

He was trained as a photo retoucher with the quantal graphic paintbox system at the very beginning. With the rapid growth of technology, he moved to photoshop and expanded his interest to 3D rendering and after effect. 

After worked for some post-porduction houses in Hong Kong and China such as "Centro Digital Picture Limited", "Amoeba Digital imaging" ...... he started his own workshop.